ABOUT Consumers4Wellness™️

The problem we want to solve...

The Mission

The mission of Consumers 4 Wellness™️ is to unite the 59 Million people who want to see an improvement in healthcare. That is our key focus.  We believe that your wellness includes nutrition, financial,  spiritual, sexual, mental health, etc.

First, we are raising awareness about the lack of choices we have in our healthcare system.  If you could decide how to spend the $11,000 (average cost per person for insurance per year) how would you want to use it?

We encourage you to engage with your representatives to create change. Remember…they work for you!



Consumers4Wellness is our way to encourages consumers and providers to say, “WE WANT CHANGE!”  

We’re here to help give you a voice about your holistic, integrative, alternative, and natural medicine healthcare choices. View the many action items listed and put your voice into action! 


What is the one method you use to keep healthly?