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Theresa Callard-Moore

As a holistic psychotherapist, I integrate supplements, energy work, muscle testing, and mind-body techniques to treat the whole person in my office.

When someone comes in for an assessment for depression, I ask about their mind, body, and spiritual health habits overall, not just mental health and I work with them to try and get back into balance.

After working over 20 years this way, I directly see the benefits of a holistic or integrative medicine approach.

That’s why in 2009, I decided to take what I have learned and create a holistic health care model that would put your health back in your hands, which evolved into The BridgeIT Movement.

Kelly Dues

My passions are building businesses, relationships and wellness. I have over 35 years experience in business.

I am very proud of my time as an Operations Manager of a start up insurance agency that grew over 1100% in 4 years. I have also owned and operated a profitable Boutique Health Food Store.

I live & breath process, people, service & problem solving! If you are looking for ways to promote your wellness business, let’s talk!

Robin Mikkola

I search and report what people like you and me are doing to get and stay healthy. You will find me on our YouTube channel BridgeIT Movement.  I have been in the  insurance industry for over 20+ years.

In 2011 I was apart of Integrity where we put together successful Holistic Health Fairs in Fenton, MI and Community Provider Panels through-out Southern Michigan shining a light on the resources in our own neighborhoods.

My goal is to take BridgeIT across this great nation empowering us to be our own advocate in health and wellness and to help guide you to take that first, second or third leap into discovering how amazing you really are. If you are a provider who wants to be promoted on our You Tube Channel, please contact me.


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