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Hi, I’m Theresa Callard-Moore. I am a Licensed Master’s Level Social Worker who has had a private practice as a Holistic Psychotherapist in Flint, Michigan since 1996. I am also a certified Sex Therapist, Multiple Addiction Therapist, Reiki Master/Teacher, Massage Therapist, and a Minster!

I have been committed to learning mind, body and spiritual approaches to health and wellness for over 20 years, which has lead to the where you’re at right now, The BridgeIT Movement.

Please contact me if you’d like to have meaningful discussions about our current healthcare crisis and ideas to improve it; as outlined in my book: #BridgeIT: The Integrative Approach To The HealthCare Crisis in the United States.

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About the Book

We are trying to empower you and reinvent our health care system. #BridgeIT was written by Theresa Callard-Moore for the sole purpose of wanting others to know the work the author has put into changing our healthcare crisis since 2009. She has come up with ideas that would shift your health back into your hands and hopefully improve the health of your family, your community, and our country.

The main idea is to create a holistic insurance company that everyone in the United States of America can benefit from. Our vision is to grow as big as AARP and show your BridgeIT data to the insurance company and advocate for you to get lower rates!

We have some ideas to improve our healthcare system and promote Integrative Medicine. But we want to hear from you!

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BridgeIT was developed to build a bridge between traditional insurance and holistic methods. Once fully established, we will put the responsibility and control health back in the hands of each and every participating individual. 

Our plan will reduce health care costs while making the provider accountable for the quality of services provided. It will stimulate the economy while creating a consciousness shift towards advocating for our own health. It will educate the community about local resources to focus on health maintenance and prevention.

It will gather research and data to support holistic methods and promote them to other insurance and medical providers.

What is the one method you use to keep healthly?