Our Vision…Rebranded & Gaining Traction

After I closed Integrity:MyHolisiticApproach.com in 2016, I knew I wasn’t done.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I had to lick my wounds after losing our investments and feeling deeply sad about it not working.  But here is the thing…all of my investors, who lost money, were still supportive of the idea and I still had a light inside…and now failure was here to teach me.  What I realized is that we needed a leader in the field of Holistic Medicine, Integrative Medicine, or Functional Medicine. I decided to package my business plan as a “seed idea” and began my search for a well-known person to spear -head the idea.  I reached out to many people trying to get in touch with those leaders and honestly, I am glad we didn’t find one yet.   Here’s why…if we would have met someone with deep pockets who said they would work with us; I probably would have done it.  But now we have a new approach.

uThis summer our team decided to rebrand and used the book Traction by Gino Wickman.  This book clarifies your vision and sets you to task so that you can gain traction in your business.  I find it so validating and helpful for me to stay on track. As the “Visionary” of the company I am frequently coming up with new ideas.   I am going to practice our value of Integrity and Transparency by sharing our plan with all of you. (And by sharing it with you, also practice my belief in the law of attraction).  

We completed our vision for our company and wrote out our core values which are:

We have set this as our benchmark for anyone that we would hire or work with. 

Our goals for the year are to:

 As an entrepreneur, the short -term goal is to get funded and make it happen. But if it is at the cost of selling your soul to work for someone who doesn’t share your values, would it be worth it? Even my lawyer asked me that!    I don’t think I could do it now. I want to be a transparent company with high accountability and integrity.  Do you think there is a partner out there who would fit this description? I know that the statistical matches may have reduced, but when we do find that special someone, it will be better than spending the last 10 years unhappy and unproductive because we had to fight over the direction of the company based on different values.  

Huh,  this sounds just like when I do couples counseling in my office. Maybe we should develop a dating  app for entrepreneurs and investors with the same values… Nope, no new ideas for the next 90 days…I am building traction with the #BridgeIT Movement.  

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