About the BridgeIT Movement

How many of you, for example, go to a Chiropractor, Acupuncturist or an Internal Medicine Doctor? We have started a movement by uniting those of you who BridgeIT and start educating each other on ways of staying healthy. The lack of information about Integrative Medicine and out of pocket costs can be barriers to your self care.  BridgeIT wants to solve this problem by creating a holistic insurance rider or stand-alone company to ease the cost and improve health outcomes.  Visit the “Partner with BridgeIT” page. 

BridgeIT is a business plan that was developed to build a bridge between traditional insurance and holistic methods. Once fully established, we will put the responsibility and control of health back in the hands of each and every participating individual. Our business plan will reduce health care costs while making the provider accountable for the quality of services provided. It will stimulate the economy while creating a consciousness shift towards advocating for our own health. It will educate the community about local resources to focus on health maintenance and prevention. It will gather research and data to support holistic methods and promote them to other insurance and medical providers.

To complete this goal and start providing Americans with better access to holistic healthcare, we need your help. Right now, we are gathering data to support our idea, so when we find the right community partners, we represent the changes you want to see.   If you want to help us write letters to Federal Representatives, insurance companies, and medical schools and tell them what changes you want to see, then check out our Consumers4Wellness page and share your voice!

The Mission

The mission of BridgeIT is to unite the 59 Million people who are blending traditional healthcare and Integrative Tips or Techniques (IT) and start the conversation of how we improve our healthcare choices.  In 2022 we  starting an association, Consumers4Wellness.org,  to bring consumers and providers together and write to our legislators, medical schools, and insurance companies telling them we want Integrative Medicine. We wanted to lobby for change until we can be the solution. Unfortunately, not many people participated. So we moved our action items to the consumer4wellness page,  take action,  in hopes to continue to encourage you to share your voice. 

We have some ideas to improve our healthcare system and promote Integrative Medicine. But we want to hear from you! Complete our survey below and tell us if we are on the right track!


Questions to Contemplate:

  • If you had all of the health care money that you are paying to your insurance company, what would you do with it?

  • What do you want your healthcare to look like?

  • Would you want your insurance company to cover holistic health, or do you want to control who you see and how much you pay?

We would love to hear from you and get the answers to these questions and more!

About Our Founder

Theresa Callard-Moore is a Holistic Psychotherapist in Flint, Michigan. What is a holistic psychotherapist, you say? This title includes being a Licensed Social Worker, Reiki Master, Certified Sex Therapist, Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist, and more. 

“I integrate supplements, energy work, muscle testing, and mind-body techniques to treat the whole person in my office. So when someone comes in for an assessment for depression, I ask about their mind, body, and spiritual health habits overall, not just mental health. Because I know that they are not “Prozac deficient.” Their Mind, Body, and Spirit are out of alignment, and I work with them to try and get back into balance. After working over 20 years this way, I directly see the benefits of a holistic or integrative medicine approach.

In 2009 I decided to take what I have learned and create a holistic health care model that would put your health back in your hands. This business idea focuses on health and wellness, not symptom management, and would save our health care interventions, acute illness, and significant injuries. Everyone who would participate would make money or save money. But, this has been an uphill climb, and I made the mistake of not communicating with you along the way.”  – Theresa Callard-Moore

What is the one method you use to keep healthly?