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Health Issues

Action Alert: H.R. 677 Health Freedom and Flexibility Act.

Health Freedom and Flexibility Act

First, let’s be clear…. Healthcare is NOT a right. You can Google and YouTube all the debating, all the reasoning as to why, but healthcare did not make the list…

Integrative Health Policy Consortium (IHPC)

Action Alert: Integrative Health Policy Consortium (IHPC)

Let us tell you how the Integrative Health Policy Consortium and its many partners are leading the charge on Capital Hill, advocating for the Integrative Health Care Community, and why we need to take action to support these efforts.

H.R. 676 Coastal Communities Ocean Acidification Act of 2023

Action Alert: H.R. 676 Coastal Communities Ocean Acidification Act of 2023

Consumers4Wellness main focus is the wellness of humans. In honor of World Reef Awareness Day on June 1st, we want to shine the light on the health and wellness of our Oceans and all the creatures that live and breathe therein.

Action Alert: H.R. 410 Health Care PRICE Transparency Act

Your financial health is as important as your physical health. Armed with the ‘cost of items and services’ by our medical community that is covered by our insurance companies vs paying in cash and any discounts associated with each method helps you and your family plan for all contingencies. THIS is why this Bill is so important!

H.R.9037 - KIDS Health Act of 2022

H.R.9037 - KIDS Health Act of 2022 ***RE-INTRODUCTION***

Take ACTION now to tell your Representatives to support the re-introduction of this Bill

This Action is to get Bill H.R.9037 – KIDS Health Act of 2022 re-introduced into the 118th session.

Action Alert: Affordable Care Act and Section 2706

While the Affordable Care Act and Section 2706 main focus is the private sector insurance industry, the Integrative Health Policy Consortium is refocusing their efforts with our Representative in the current 118th Congressional session integrating the spirit of this law throughout the entire health care system.

S.114 and H.R.766- Preventive Health Savings Act

UPDATED ACTION ALERT: S.114 and H.R.766- Preventive Health Savings Act

Two Bills were introduced into Congress S. 114 sponsored by Benjamin Cardin from MD and H.R. 766 sponsored by Michael Burgess from TX BOTH called the Preventive Health Savings Act.

Cancer and Integrative Therapies

Action Alert: Cancer and Integrative Therapies

Members Take Action to let our Representatives, our insurance carriers and our medical community know that we are ready for the pivot to a wellness approach to healthcare.

118th Congressional Session

Action Alert: 118th Congressional Session

January 3, 2023

So begins the 118th Congressional Session. This means that all Bills and Resolutions from the 117th were thrown out and we must start the process for change all over again. 

Nutrition: Doctors Required to be Trained in Nutrition

At Consumers4Wellness.org, we believe that health and wellness begins with nutrition.

Daylight Savings vs Standard Time 118TH CONGRESSIONAL SESSION

Action Alert: Daylight Savings vs Standard Time


Three Bills were introduced into Congress H.R.1279 – Sunshine Protection Act of 2023, H.R. 364 – Daylight Act and S. 582 Sunshine Protection Act of 2023.

Action Alert: Congress to discuss the High Cost of Healthcare!

Did you know this Bill was introduced into Congress H.R.8588 — 117th Congress (2021-2022) and is already in the hands of 9 committees? 

New Year Resolution 2023 for Congress

As we bring in 2023 with our personal New Year Resolutions of getting back to the gym and losing that 20lbs or finally setting up that recycling area in the mud room…doing better…being better…

Sexual Health: Certified Sexual Health Counseling in Medical Schools

Sexual Health: Certified Sexual Health Counseling required in Medical Schools and in Insurance Companies.

Sexual Health: Abortion

At Consumers4Wellness, uphold the outline of sexual health and sovereignty from the World Association of Sexual Health over your body, including all reproductive rights and abortion.

National Wellness Action

Changing Healthcare: An Integrative Medicine Approach

Consumers4wellness is a product of BridgeITMovement.com. We developed BridgeIT to build a bridge between traditional insurance and holistic methods. Once fully established, we will put the responsibility and control of health back in the hands of each and every participating individual.

Our business plan will reduce healthcare costs while making the provider accountable for the quality of services provided. It will stimulate the economy while creating a consciousness shift towards advocating for our own health. It will educate the community about local resources to focus on health maintenance and prevention. It will gather research and data to support holistic methods and promote them to other insurance and medical providers.

We want to build a Holistic Community Healthcare Plan. To complete this goal and start providing Americans with better access to wellness healthcare, we need your help. Let’s start by contacting the people in charge of your healthcare, legislators, insurance companies, and medical schools. By completing one letter, one voice equals a 1,000.

There are 59 Million people just like you who believe in taking charge of their health! We believe that bridging Western or Traditional Medicine with Eastern/Holistic/Natural Medicine is the best way to achieve true health and wellness.

By promoting the Integrative Medicine Movement, we can shift from a disease management system to a prevention and wellness system.    



BridgeIT supports the Holistic Chamber of Commerce!

Are you a member of The Holistic Chamber of Commerce ?

Both organizations believe in an Integrative/Holistic Approach to our Healthcare and have come together to promote it on a macro level; promoting Holistic Providers Globally & promoting An Integrative Medicine Approach to our Healthcare System Nationally.

What is the one method you use to keep healthly?