Long Haulers

World-wide we have been facing the COVID-19 crisis and have gotten many mixed messages about what is safe or not.  I am not a physician, so I am not going to get into the arena of where this virus came from or how to cure it.  But the feedback that I am getting from the patients who have had COVID-19 long term, is that the doctors are unsure what to do. Their tests come back negative, but they still have shortness of breath or extreme fatigue.  The amount of various symptoms  can include continued loss of smell and taste, edema, skin peeling, loss of fingernails/toenails, dizziness, body pain, continued fevers, sinus conditions, seizures, cardiac symptoms, lung inflammation, shingles, weight gain, and so many more.  I have no idea why some people get a sore throat and a fever for a few days, while others it seems to activate a long- term immune response, and in others it leads to death.  This disparity is the basis for the extreme fear and strict government responses.  

I happen to know a woman who has been struggling with severe symptoms since April 2020, it is now mid -September.  I felt I had to do something to be helpful, so I reached out to her and asked if I could work with her and offer the same Lifestyle Health Risk Assessment that I used in my study for my book, #BridgeIT: The Integrative Medicine Approach to the Healthcare Crisis in the United States.  I also offered to sponsor her supplements and health coaching for one year.  She was aware of my book and said she would be willing to share with me her experiences and the medical costs that she is incurring. I am interested to see how the United States handles the medical costs of COVID, compared to my loved ones in Europe, who have no medical costs.  I decided to open the study again for these Long Haulers who are struggling.  This may turn into another book someday; I am not sure.  

What I am sure about is that when a new client would walk into my office and say, “I’ve been to so many doctors and they have run out of options for this problem I have…”, that’s when I see the opportunity to #BridgeIT!  There are so many holistic methods available that can complement medical care. And they are effective!  What I do want to explore is how to navigate COVID-19  in my own life and help my clients.  I genuinely believe in the Integrative Medicine approach, so I am taking my health coaching knowledge and I am going to offer it to at least 30 “Long Haulers”.  It would be up to them if they use holistic methods or not, but if we can track some of their progress, maybe it can help others. In summary, the study would include a consent to participate, a Free Lifestyle Health Risk Assessment (worth $30), a Free health coaching session, an interview survey, monthly surveys to track wellness behaviors, and at the end of the year another Lifestyle Health Risk Assessment.  All your information will be anonymous and may be used for a future publication or book…to help others.

If you, or anyone you know, seems to be experiencing long term symptoms after having COVID-19 or COVID like illness and you want to try and see if holistic methods (chiropractic, massage therapy, acupuncture, nutrition, or supplements) may help, please contact me at 810-620-0200. I would be happy to explain the study further.  

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