Affecting Social Change!

Part of my job is to manage our social media marketing. As our book was being released, I was excited to promote a sponsored post on FaceBook to tell the world our good news! It is NOT that easy! I can post about the book, but to put money on it to promote it, I was flagged. I had to turn on the 2-step authentication log in function, I had to upload the front & back of my drivers license, and give my full address. They then stated they would send me a code through snail mail to be sure I lived where I said I do. (Been weeks, still have not received it). 

As frustrating as these steps are, I am glad that social media is taking seriously ‘bots’ promoting false issues, political or social. 

I am also proud to be part of a Movement that is considered serious enough to affect our social standing. The healthcare crisis is a very serious issue in the United States. As you will learn in our book The #BridgeIT Movement – The Integrative Medicine Approach to the HealthCare Crisis in the United States, we believe that a serious commitment to self care promotes wellness, which promotes a more affordable option for healthcare coverage premiums. Simple, right?

Until all authentication has been approved, I will continue a grassroots approach to promoting our book!  I’d appreciate your help by sharing it whenever you see it on our social media, sharing this blog, buy the book for you and your neighbor, give the book a review after you’ve read it. Easy ways to join our #BridgeIT Movement! – Kelly Dues

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