The Creation of Holistic Provider Panels

The Creation of Holistic Provider Panels

We did it right. The holistic providers who were willing to work with us were the center of our focus. We knew we had to promote them with more than a directory. We tried to host an open house, like a chamber of commerce would do, which went okay. But our best idea was the provider panels.


We advertised for consumers to come and listen to the holistic providers give information and education about health topics, such as Cancer and Diabetes. We would have them write our questions to be read by a moderator (that was me) so that we could have some anonymity for the participants. It went great! We had excellent participation from the crowds and were able to collect research surveys on the kind of information people were looking for.

Our idea is to have a budget for each area that we want to develop, for example. Let’s say we are launching BridgeIT in San Francisco. The goal is to, one, work with the Holistic Chamber of Commerce, second, meet with the active group there, and three give them a budget of $10,000 to offer Integrative Medicine approaches to stay healthy in their community.


Each group would be able to choose how to utilize it.

One group may choose a health fair or provider panel (like we did), where another community may choose a television commercial or webinar series. We think each community is different, and the providers in the area should have free reign on how to reach them.


I also think it would be a great idea to run it as a contest. By allowing the groups to be creative in the ways that they provide community education, we could see what ideas reach more people. 

Entrepreneurialism breeds entrepreneurialism! 

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